Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Dual Screen Car DVD Player

A dual screen car dvd player is the answer for those long trips in the car for quality entertainment and a place to plug in your home video game system on the road. The average price range for these units starts in the range of $150.00 to well over $400.00 depending on the type of screen, size and brand that you choose to install. There is also another option where the unit comes in a bag with the dvd player and screen that is very portable. This unit can be sat on the child's lap or can be centrally located if more than one person wants to watch.

Using a dual screen dvd player on vacation helps children to entertain themselves in the car by watching a favorite movie or playing a video game. One word of caution for these is to be careful with the volume level - if too loud, it can be distracting to the driver, and it should not be overly loud in the child's headphones as it can cause hearing damage. Talk with your children about the appropriate level of volume, their proper use and safety tips regarding the driver.

If you plan to do your own installation, follow manufacturer's directions and use the proper tools. This allows you to run the unit off the car's battery instead of off a charged battery that has a limited time period.

A dual screen dvd player is a great investment if you do a lot of on the road traveling. Consider your overall costs before choosing a unit, discuss safety considerations with your children, and you will enjoy the benefits that this entertainment package offers.

Upgrade Car Audio Speakers First

There's nothing quite like the sweet sound of your favorite music coming clearly through your car's audio system. Unfortunately, the stock speakers in most older or inexpensive cars really are nothing quite like that. Unless you happen to get a new car with expensive factory audio upgrade, you're forced to listen to tinny, crackling distortions that drive any music lover nuts.

To get a complete stereo system upgrade worth paying for, you normally need to spend a few thousand dollars to replace everything from the head unit, the power wiring, speaker wires and speakers. And of course you would be adding aftermarket amplifiers, speaker enclosures and other accessories.

You can get a huge improvement in sound just by replacing the factory speakers that came with your car. The cheap speakers that come with most cars are made with the lowest quality material and construction methods to keep the costs down.

Even inexpensive aftermarket speakers will sound better than these. At the lowest end, an aftermarket speaker will have better quality cones, domes, and wiring. If you can spend a little more money, you can get into some more exotic materials such as carbon fiber or specially designed plastics.

Going up one more step, you can get speakers designed for stock speaker replacement that will have a special configuration that puts two speakers, typically a mid-range and tweeter, into the same space as a single speaker. And if you have a compatible vehicle, you can even get tweeter and mid-range speaker kits that have the tweeter in a separate enclosure for you place in an appropriate spot in your car. By replacing the speakers first, you're able to enjoy better sound immediately while you take the time upgrade the rest of your system.

Overhead Car DVD Player For Your Mobile Entertainment

Adding an overhead car DVD player to your vehicle can not only add entertainment to passengers in your car but it can also increase the resell value of it as well. Drivers especially with children will love the sudden quiet and calm of a ride in their vehicle that has an overhead DVD player. It is ideal for long trips across the country or just short trips a few towns over.

There are a variety of overhead car dvd players available for consumers to choose from. There are name brands such as Sony, Toshiba, Coby and Boss. These DVD players have features such as already built in dome lights, AV inputs and transmitters for wireless headphones which is a great feature for parents who are already tired of hearing cartoons all day. For those without headphones you can opt for the FM transmitter feature.

Overhead players have screens in a range of sizes from 9 inches to over 11 inches. Most of the DVD players have a nice clear screen that plays movies or CDs if you prefer to play your favorite music instead. Some even feature an IPOD docking station. Check the available options as many times the players come with a small remote in which to control the device.

Prices for overhead car DVD players vary depending upon what brand you purchase, where you purchase it from and what features they come with. For a more high tech premium choice you can spend over $500. You can purchase these types of players from most electronic stores and some car accessory specialty stores.

Install a Rear View Camera

The answer to this issue is the rear view camera. These cameras are easy to use but it is important that you choose the correct one to buy. Make sure that when you are looking to buy one you get a rear view camera that automatically turns on when you go into reverse. It should also look like a mirror. This choice makes it easier to use the camera.

When you buy a rear view camera you will get a LCD wireless monitor that you put on the dashboard.

There will also be a small holder for the wireless monitor and double sided sticky tape to install it easily. If you don't like this method, you can also screw it into your dashboard. This is a more stable way to install it and it is also very permanent. Don't choose this method until you are sure you want to keep the camera.

You can then plug it into the cigarette lighter using a 12 volt adapter. You can also tap into the vehicle's fuse box if you are clever enough to know how to do that. Just look on the internet for good instructions. You can also pay someone to install it for you.

The camera itself sits on the top or the bottom of the license plate, depending on your vehicle. The power needs to be hard wired, similar to hooking up a trailer's lights. It can either work all of the time or only when you are driving in reverse- the choice is yours. You will be grateful that you got a rear view camera the first time you use it. It really is an amazing invention.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drive Without Insurance

It is thought that 1 out of every 5 people on British roads are drive without insurance. This means that if you are involved in an accident with a person with no insurance, you will not be able to recover any costs if it was their fault. Those who are currently driving are probably not aware that driving without insurance is illegal. Those who are aware obviously aren't deterred by the punishments that have been devised by the government.

The minimum punishment that you will receive for driving without insurance is a £180 fine and 6 points on your licence- a small price to pay if found out as opposed to paying an annual insurance premium. More serious punishments include a ban from driving altogether, which reinforces the message that driving without insurance is completely unacceptable.

People are perhaps more inclined to driving without insurance due to the current economic recession, which is taking its toll on many people's pockets. Another reason could be because the cost of car insurance seems to be forever increasing. More people are making fraudulent claims than ever before, and the number of accidents is not decreasing. This means that insurance companies are being forced to put up their car insurance premiums, as fraudulent claims and accident increases can be catastrophic for their balance sheets.

It is also more expensive to pay your car insurance premium monthly than it is by direct debit. Car insurance companies see monthly payments as a form of borrowing, so are likely to slap a high percentage of APR to anyone who doesn't pay their premium in full, in advance. This will encourage those who can't afford an upfront payment to not take out insurance at all, as they will be paying over the odds as opposed to those who can pay in advance.