Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Dual Screen Car DVD Player

A dual screen car dvd player is the answer for those long trips in the car for quality entertainment and a place to plug in your home video game system on the road. The average price range for these units starts in the range of $150.00 to well over $400.00 depending on the type of screen, size and brand that you choose to install. There is also another option where the unit comes in a bag with the dvd player and screen that is very portable. This unit can be sat on the child's lap or can be centrally located if more than one person wants to watch.

Using a dual screen dvd player on vacation helps children to entertain themselves in the car by watching a favorite movie or playing a video game. One word of caution for these is to be careful with the volume level - if too loud, it can be distracting to the driver, and it should not be overly loud in the child's headphones as it can cause hearing damage. Talk with your children about the appropriate level of volume, their proper use and safety tips regarding the driver.

If you plan to do your own installation, follow manufacturer's directions and use the proper tools. This allows you to run the unit off the car's battery instead of off a charged battery that has a limited time period.

A dual screen dvd player is a great investment if you do a lot of on the road traveling. Consider your overall costs before choosing a unit, discuss safety considerations with your children, and you will enjoy the benefits that this entertainment package offers.

Upgrade Car Audio Speakers First

There's nothing quite like the sweet sound of your favorite music coming clearly through your car's audio system. Unfortunately, the stock speakers in most older or inexpensive cars really are nothing quite like that. Unless you happen to get a new car with expensive factory audio upgrade, you're forced to listen to tinny, crackling distortions that drive any music lover nuts.

To get a complete stereo system upgrade worth paying for, you normally need to spend a few thousand dollars to replace everything from the head unit, the power wiring, speaker wires and speakers. And of course you would be adding aftermarket amplifiers, speaker enclosures and other accessories.

You can get a huge improvement in sound just by replacing the factory speakers that came with your car. The cheap speakers that come with most cars are made with the lowest quality material and construction methods to keep the costs down.

Even inexpensive aftermarket speakers will sound better than these. At the lowest end, an aftermarket speaker will have better quality cones, domes, and wiring. If you can spend a little more money, you can get into some more exotic materials such as carbon fiber or specially designed plastics.

Going up one more step, you can get speakers designed for stock speaker replacement that will have a special configuration that puts two speakers, typically a mid-range and tweeter, into the same space as a single speaker. And if you have a compatible vehicle, you can even get tweeter and mid-range speaker kits that have the tweeter in a separate enclosure for you place in an appropriate spot in your car. By replacing the speakers first, you're able to enjoy better sound immediately while you take the time upgrade the rest of your system.

Overhead Car DVD Player For Your Mobile Entertainment

Adding an overhead car DVD player to your vehicle can not only add entertainment to passengers in your car but it can also increase the resell value of it as well. Drivers especially with children will love the sudden quiet and calm of a ride in their vehicle that has an overhead DVD player. It is ideal for long trips across the country or just short trips a few towns over.

There are a variety of overhead car dvd players available for consumers to choose from. There are name brands such as Sony, Toshiba, Coby and Boss. These DVD players have features such as already built in dome lights, AV inputs and transmitters for wireless headphones which is a great feature for parents who are already tired of hearing cartoons all day. For those without headphones you can opt for the FM transmitter feature.

Overhead players have screens in a range of sizes from 9 inches to over 11 inches. Most of the DVD players have a nice clear screen that plays movies or CDs if you prefer to play your favorite music instead. Some even feature an IPOD docking station. Check the available options as many times the players come with a small remote in which to control the device.

Prices for overhead car DVD players vary depending upon what brand you purchase, where you purchase it from and what features they come with. For a more high tech premium choice you can spend over $500. You can purchase these types of players from most electronic stores and some car accessory specialty stores.

Install a Rear View Camera

The answer to this issue is the rear view camera. These cameras are easy to use but it is important that you choose the correct one to buy. Make sure that when you are looking to buy one you get a rear view camera that automatically turns on when you go into reverse. It should also look like a mirror. This choice makes it easier to use the camera.

When you buy a rear view camera you will get a LCD wireless monitor that you put on the dashboard.

There will also be a small holder for the wireless monitor and double sided sticky tape to install it easily. If you don't like this method, you can also screw it into your dashboard. This is a more stable way to install it and it is also very permanent. Don't choose this method until you are sure you want to keep the camera.

You can then plug it into the cigarette lighter using a 12 volt adapter. You can also tap into the vehicle's fuse box if you are clever enough to know how to do that. Just look on the internet for good instructions. You can also pay someone to install it for you.

The camera itself sits on the top or the bottom of the license plate, depending on your vehicle. The power needs to be hard wired, similar to hooking up a trailer's lights. It can either work all of the time or only when you are driving in reverse- the choice is yours. You will be grateful that you got a rear view camera the first time you use it. It really is an amazing invention.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drive Without Insurance

It is thought that 1 out of every 5 people on British roads are drive without insurance. This means that if you are involved in an accident with a person with no insurance, you will not be able to recover any costs if it was their fault. Those who are currently driving are probably not aware that driving without insurance is illegal. Those who are aware obviously aren't deterred by the punishments that have been devised by the government.

The minimum punishment that you will receive for driving without insurance is a £180 fine and 6 points on your licence- a small price to pay if found out as opposed to paying an annual insurance premium. More serious punishments include a ban from driving altogether, which reinforces the message that driving without insurance is completely unacceptable.

People are perhaps more inclined to driving without insurance due to the current economic recession, which is taking its toll on many people's pockets. Another reason could be because the cost of car insurance seems to be forever increasing. More people are making fraudulent claims than ever before, and the number of accidents is not decreasing. This means that insurance companies are being forced to put up their car insurance premiums, as fraudulent claims and accident increases can be catastrophic for their balance sheets.

It is also more expensive to pay your car insurance premium monthly than it is by direct debit. Car insurance companies see monthly payments as a form of borrowing, so are likely to slap a high percentage of APR to anyone who doesn't pay their premium in full, in advance. This will encourage those who can't afford an upfront payment to not take out insurance at all, as they will be paying over the odds as opposed to those who can pay in advance.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Car Alarm Systems Guide

There are a variety of car alarm systems you can choose from to protect your car from being broken in to or stolen. Car alarms are electronic devices setup in or to your car to keep it protected. Some car alarms are built into car when they leave the factory others have to be put in. Many are reasonably priced and do indeed work. They are available at stores such as Best Buy as well as auto shops.

A great car alarm system to have is a kill switch. A kill switch is actually a small switch that you hide somewhere in your car that when you flip it on doesn't allow gas to get to the car making it inoperable to a thief.

A lojack car alarm is great because they give police the best chance of finding your car should it ever be stolen. A lojack is a silent radio transceiver that is hidden in your car that can tell where your car is. The lojack is installed by a lojack technician and once it is installed the unit is linked directly to the lojack database which is connected with the national crime information computer. Should your car ever be stolen you just report it to the police who then go into there computer system and type in your specific number which enables the lojack to send the police the location of your car. Lojack claims to have a 90% recovery rate on stolen vehicles.

An alarm with a remote starter is great because it lets you know whenever your car has been tampered with. The alarm will sound from inside the car as well as on the remote you hold with your car keys.

Choosing Car Audio

Though many drivers are perfectly satisfied with their factory speakers, the rest are seeking better ways to achieve bigger sound. There are a lot of options available when selecting the right car audio system for your car. Newcomers may want to do some careful research first because selecting the wrong system for your car or personal preference may result in a product that you have to return.

Start by getting acquainted with the various parts and components of a speaker system. Tweeters are great for perfecting the higher sounds while amps and subwoofers are designed to improve the quality of the bass. Not every car will need all of these parts just to have a nice sound. Larger vehicles may require more speakers than a small one. Determine what you need based on the size and shape of your car as well as your personal preference. Getting the right system may require professional assistance.

Comparing prices and quality is very essential when purchasing any electronic equipment. It's a great way to get the inside scoop on various products.

Some people make the mistake of loading their vehicle up with speakers, thinking that more is better. Likewise, a misplaced subwoofer or amplifier will likely get you a noise complaint rather than impress the neighborhood. For music of all types and even talk radio, the best speakers are the ones suited to your car.

The majority of people require basic speakers though there are speakers designed for competition purposes. This is a whole other category of car speakers. Choosing wisely is what makes the difference between good speakers and fantastic speakers. Having the right car audio system can make all the difference in the quality sound of your favorite music.

Cheap Radar Detectors

Herein comes the necessity of a radar detector which can save you from a speeding ticket. While you can buy most radar detectors online, the main question is, what is the pocket pinch? Well, category, type and price are the deciding factors in this regard. If you are looking out for cheap radar detectors, it might seem that you have to compromise on the quality.

In order to help you make a good choice, enlisted below are some factors which you should keep in mind while buying cheap radar detectors :

  1. Sensitivity and Memory
  2. Brand Name and Model
  3. Quality
  4. Display and Volume

You can take the help of the internet to inform yourself about the sources from where you can buy cheap radar detectors. The internet sites which enable you to buy online usually have information on the devices. By going through them you can arm yourself with the requisite information you need before buying a device. Look at the stores which sell good quality products at discount rates. You might be wondering how could they sell both quality and cheap products at the same time? You can also take a look at the print and electronic media to buy second-hand cheap radar detectors.

One important thing that you need to be aware while using the internet to buy radar detectors is the threat of scams. Numerous cases have been detected where dishonest people have set up fake websites to extract personal information from the buyers.

Dension Opens the Door to a World of New Media For BMW Vehicles

Dension has been working hard in recent months to increase the compatibility and functionality of the BMW kits in the Dension Range. The new kits are part of the Dension gateway range and offer increased performance over the older and now obsolete Ice>link Plus in many ways. Due to the complexity of the BMW vehicles and production and installation options when purchased from new, Dension have had to design numerous variations of the BMW kits.

The kits produced mainly differ in the different types of connection looms, as many head units (Stereos) have different physical compatibility. In addition to this, the software (Firmware) installed on the stereo also differs from unit to unit adding to the complexity of the Dension Gateway range.

Dension has produced two types of kit depending on which vehicle and stereo you have installed. Firstly an option of the Dension Gateway 100 or Gateway 300 for vehicles with normal wiring looms. Usually found in vehicles pre 2004/5. The Gateway 100 and 300 share the same vehicle and stereo compatibility so if one of the kits is compatible so too is the other. These kits offer a digital connection to the stereo through the CD Changer port, and provide full control of the iPod and track selection through the stereo and or steering wheel controls.

The 100 & 300 also offer track display on select stereos and charge all iPods including the new 5V charging iPods and iPhone 3g and 3gs. The Dension Gateway 300 also provides an additional USB input for a mass storage device to be connected, enabling you to store 10,000's additional tracks or if you forget you iPod you have a back up already connected and ready to use.

The Second option is the Gateway 500, Dension's Flagship in the range. The Gateway 500 is a fibre optic kit that extends the performance of the BMW's factory equipment tremendously. By connecting into the fibre optic system the gateway 500 provides a fully integrated iPod connection controllable through the iDrive system. However it's the optional Extra's that open up a new world of in car entertainment for BMW.

The BTA1500 bluetooth adapter connects into the system to provide a hands free Bluetooth system allowing your phone to connect through the vehicle, and more importantly Dension have created a multi-source media selection device caller the AVR. The Dension AVR designed recently enables you to make full use of all the devices connected through the Gateway 500 system. Controlling multiple devices and choosing which device plays where in the vehicle, you have the iPod playing in the front while the kids are watching their favourite DVD in the Back.

Changing the Way Sound Travels

When it comes to loud pounding bass the big secret is that the quality of your speaker box is more important than the quality of your sub woofers. With your vehicle's sub woofer box, bigger is not always better. Why is proper sizing of the sub woofer box so important? Because proper sizing allows for proper placement in your vehicle, proper placement means that you and your passengers will all enjoy the same high quality sound from your stereo whether sitting in the front, back or on the left or right.

Subwoofer enclosures allow you to upgrade your car stereo system without detracting from the appearance of your car or truck. Many people have great ideas about upgrading or even building a custom stereo system, but think they'll have to sacrifice looks to get the sound.

You can buy a pre-made sub woofer box or have one custom made. If you have made a solid investment in stereo equipment for your car or truck, the cost of a custom sub woofer box is well worth it. Otherwise, the money you have invested in stereo equipment might as well be tossed around in your car - like the sound from an improperly sized subwoofer box will distribute sound.

Professionally made subwoofer enclosures allow you to add those custom components without sacrificing looks. Instead, it's all housed in beautiful subwoofer enclosures made just for your vehicle.

You'll find subwoofer enclosures for hundreds of vehicles online. Many sites offer custom manufactured subwoofer boxes so that it fits neatly into the vehicle, but that's not the only advantage. Check out some generic subwoofer enclosures that will allow you to fit your subwoofers into almost any vehicle or contact us to special build a subwoofer enclosure for you.

The biggest advantage of these subwoofer enclosures is that you have your new equipment stashed in a beautiful box that will blend with your vehicle.

Playing Your iPhone Music Through Car Speakers

Millions of people around the world love their iPhones for it's phone abilities, the ability to browse the web, and also it's iPod features as well. Set up correctly, it can be a great addition to your car for both daily commutes and longer road trips. The first problem is connecting your phone to the speakers in your car.

Some car stereos have a plug specifically for an iPod or a place to plug in an auxiliary source of sound. If yours doesn't have this, you can look into a device that broadcasts your music on the radio so that your car stereo can receive and play it. Still another option is a cassette adapter if your car still has one of these.

You can often use Internet streaming radio stations such as Pandora to have an unlimited supply of music for an extended trip.

Other passengers in the car can even watch a movie on the iPhone with the sound coming from the car speakers but the driver should be careful to not get distracted and to keep their eyes on the road! Once you connect your phone to your car, a whole new world of possibilities open up.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Replace Spark Plug Wires

Replacing the spark plug wires on your automobile can be quite beneficial to the operation of your vehicle. Replacing the wires can be quite simple if you know the correct steps to follow.

Trying to perform this task with a hot motor can lead to burns or other serious injuries. Locate your first spark plug wire, which should be attached to your motor. Most spark plug wires are either red, blue, orange, or black. The number of sparks plug wires that your automobile contains usually transcribes with how many cylinders your engine has. For example, a 6-cylinder vehicle has 6 spark plug wires. Pull on the end of the wire, which is called the boot, until it comes off.

Proceed to replace the old wire with a new one of the same length. You will be able to hear when the new wire attaches and is securely in place. It is important to make sure you are replacing each old wire with a new one of the same length. Each spark plug wire has a designated length.

Remember: If bad spark plugs are present, your car may not start, run badly, misfire on occasion, or even burn more fuel than necessary. Follow these steps to keep spark plugs in good working condition.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Traveling on a Motorcycle

You know you have limited storage space, and you will find that packing for a motorcycle trip takes a little more thought than packing for a trip in the car. There is hope, the key is to pack as compact and lightweight as possible. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your next motorcycle road trip.

Planning for room
Room is at a premium, if you plan to pick up a few souvenirs along the way, make sure you reserve enough extra storage room them.

Pack clothing in layers. The warmer it gets, the more layers you can shed, and if the weather turns colder, you can always put more layers on. An easy way to pack clothing would be to use zipper-type bags. Place the article of clothing inside, squish the air out and seal. Instant space saver.

Rain gear and a safety and repair kit
Essential pieces of equipment, so make sure they are on the top of your list. Not having them would really put a damper on your trip.

Travelling using saddlebags
If you plan on travelling with saddlebags, keep in mind balance. Pack heavier items in the bottom for a stable base, and place the lighter items on top.

Luggage Racks and tank bags
If you don't have saddlebags, but use a luggage rack and tank bags, make sure the bags or packs on the rack and tank are secured. They can be secured using bungee cords, bungee nets, or magnets, in the case of tank bags.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Car Audio Amplifier Advice

After you've got your subwoofers picked out it's time to look into something to power them.

The first thing to consider is how many speakers will be hooked up to the amplifier and how much space you will have to work with. If you're going to be hooking up an amplifier to your mids and highs, which are generally your front and rear 2 speakers, then you might want to consider a four-channel amplifier. If you're adding subwoofers into the vehicle it can become more pricey because subwoofers generally require more power than just your mids and highs. Four channel amplifiers are not too extremely expensive because by using them for your mids and highs you won't need hundreds of watts to produce a great sound quality. Subwoofer amplifiers are usually 2-channel amps and produce a fairly good amount of power. For the more avid car enthusiast that wants to go to competitions there are even mono-block amps which are a single-channel amplifier. They generate more power and are designed specially for competitions.

Buying a car audio amplifier is just like buying any component for your vehicle, have a good idea what you're looking for and which price range fits then do some research for prices and availability in your general area.

Getting into the power scales for amplifiers
Amplifiers are usually rated by either RMS or Peak Power rating. RMS is basically the amount of power the amplifier will produce per channel consistently. Peak Power is the amount of power the amplifier is capable of producing before it cannot produce anymore.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vital For Positive Engine Performance

Fuel filters are vital to positive engine performance in your car, as any part of the car that intakes air or fluid from the outside environment is bound to bring with it foreign bits and pieces.

Regular changes or cleaning of your car filter will significantly impact your engine's performance and life. Efficient fuel filters will: prevent clogs, prevent wearing and damaging of injectors, avoid breakdowns (and the costs they incur), ensure a longer life for your car, produce superior fuel economy and lower overall running costs.

Poor performing fuel filters in your car will: wear out or block injectors, create poor engine performance, create avoidable expenses when they need replacing, reduce the supply of fuel to injectors, reduce your engines power, create poor acceleration and increase the risk of breakdowns. The possibility of higher running costs is also an incentive to get your fuel filters checked, cleaned or replaced as soon as possible.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dashboard Warning Lights

Your car will try to communicate with you at pretty much every step along the way as you drive it. Most of the time when we look at the dashboard of our car, we will be doing it to check our speed, revs and fuel levels. However, on occasion looking at the dashboard will throw up something else altogether, in the form of a warning light. Otherwise you will be doing damage to your car, and risk an accident.

Not every car has the same warning lights, so the best thing to do is sit and look at the dashboard lights when you are in the car. When you start the car, all of the lights will illuminate.

One light which is on every dashboard in a modern car is the brake light. This light demonstrates that there is something wrong in the braking system of the car. Don't panic. You may be driving with the handbrake on. If there is no problem there, then stop the car, get out somewhere safe and check your brake fluid. If neither of these steps cures the problem, then you will need to get the car to an auto shop immediately - driving with compromised brakes will be a dangerous lottery.

Another light which makes its fair share of appearances is the oil light. If this comes on then the chances are that your engine oil level has dropped dangerously low. Stop your car, get out and check. Top off the oil if necessary. If the light persists, however, then you may have a problem with the oil pump and the car will need looking at. Call a tow truck, and don't try to drive if at all possible.

Other problems which are advisable to check but not necessarily emergencies include the Engine light, which indicates a problem with the engine that is not likely to affect performance unduly; the Air Bag light, which is more or less self-explanatory, not an emergency but should be checked; the battery charge light, which could indicate a problem that will make the car difficult to start.

Karizma Fi 2009 Motorcycle Review

Hero Honda is one of the leading companies in the world of bike manufacturing, but for the past years, the company made no changes or upgrades to its flagship model Karizma.

Will Karizma Fi 2009 be much different than it's predecessor?

Karizma Fi 2009 will be available with brand new fuel injected technology PGM-Fi posing tough competition to the existing Apache RTR180 and the latest Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-i. What is PGM Fi? It is known as Programmed Fuel Injection that ensures optimum fuel combustion thereby enhancing fuel efficiency and was developed by Honda some 20 years ago.

Styling and color choices

This new 150 kg Karizma 2009 will be available in different colors and some spied photographs revealed one look in sporty white color. Awesome is the word for the appeal it can create with its stylish full front fairing and rear cowl design .Not only Karizma 2009 seems perfect as a street fighter, but going for long distance ride and enjoying grand touring experience cannot be ruled out. Infact Hero Honda Karizma model have always been popular for grand touring experience.

Mill of Karizma 2009

The new Karizma will run on a big mill and the 223cc engine of Karizma 2009 assures of greater power and greater torque with rear disc brakes and gas reservoir shock absorbers. With better throttle response, this stunning looking bike will also be equipped with rear disc brakes, traditional looking mounted rear view mirrors and bulb system tail lamps. New rear mud guard is expected to be another additional feature besides new split rear grab rails. Again with some minor tweaks in the silencer of the Honda Hunk, it will be fitted into new Karizma.

All's well that ends well is the adage, and in this case all this great features will be a bonus if only the price is in the affordable bracket.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Using Water to Increase Fuel Efficiency

A lesser known fact is that a hydrogen generator which will make your car run on water can actually give a fuel efficiency of 25-50%. You can use water to increase fuel efficiency.

Earlier, hydrogen generators seemed to be a concern of factories and large industries but with the advancement in time, hydrogen generators were reduced to small sized generators which could be easily installed in cars and light vehicles. In such a case, it becomes increasingly important to understand the working of the hydrogen generator and analyzing how one can use water to increase the efficiency.

It is a fact that water can be burned down by the process of electrolysis to produce a gas which is known as HHO gas. The gas comprises of a single oxygen atom with two hydrogen atoms. The HHO is a safe gas to use but it can be a real power booster when coupled with the already existing fuel. The gas provides a punch to the fuel and thus helps in increasing the fuel efficiency and the mileage. Building a hydrogen generator is not a difficult task, as the parts can be easily bought from the market in less than $65 and then you can save a lot of your money on the fuel, nearly about 40%. You can easily build up your own hydrogen generator in your weekend and then enjoy a higher fuel efficiency.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Infinity Car Stereo Speakers

One thing that individuals enjoy to do when working to fix up their car is to grant them all new stereo speakers.

One of the better things that you can do in your car is listen to your favorite music so why not do it with speakers that will let you to listen to it in the quality that you enjoy. There are loads of contrasting speakers to select from that are found from many brands - but we have found that some of the best are made from Infinity.

Infinity is a trustworthy business that has been marketing high quality speakers since 1968. They have unique engineers and designers that make new speakers every year in the style that we love and with the music quality that make us want to sing and dance to every last song. They sell subwoofers, movable speakers, and each of the necessary components that you need to be able to set up one simply into your car.

One of most common model is the Kappa series. This is built with a woven glass fiber woofer cone as well as an edge driven MMD dome tweeter. These woofers are unlike any other that you have purchased because they use special technology to cover more area with their sound.

Infinity car stereo speakers have been produced to fit any design vehicle that you use and to offer you the sound quality that you love.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Motorcycle Covers For Protection

If you live in a house with a garage, then storing and protecting your motorcycle is an easy task to do. By storing it in the garage, you protect it mainly from weather damage. Consider using a motorcycle cover for protection against the weather.

The first thing you need to realize about motorcycle covers is that not all covers are made the same. Most riders believe that you can go to your local retail store, buy a cheap motorcycle cover, and expect it to do and act the same as a cover you would by at a motorcycle shop. . However if you put the money into a good motorcycle cover, then chances are it will last you a long while.

Cheap motorcycle covers that you get from your local retail store are not much more than a plastic, royal blue, tarp cover. This type of cover will tie at the bottom of the bike with elastic hooks. A high-quality cover is custom fit to your motorcycle so it fits snuggly around the bike to protect it from weather and flying debris.

A lot of motorcycle covers are made to be resistant to water, as well as to repel water or to have UV protection to prevent the harmful rays from damaging the paint job on your motorcycle. However motorcycle covers are not 100% resistant to water for the simple fact that the cover needs to be able to breathe and to get rid of any moisture that may be under the cover. The exterior of the motorcycle cover will keep water away while the interior of the cover lets the moisture escape to keep your bike dry.

Motorcycle covers can protect against all of that. The cover can also keep your seat cool from the summer sun. So what type of cover do you need to get? There are several companies that make a heavy - duty cover for your motorcycle. These types of covers may come with vents, heat shields, and a surface that is waterproof. This cover is very heavy and durable and may come with locked hems that will allow you to protect your motorcycle. Other types of covers are half-covers, bikini tops, or shades that are made just for the summertime. Covers also protect your motorcycle from potential thieves as they can't see what is under the cover.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Help With Car Water Damage

Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters that we have. It can affect our homes, businesses and cars. Car water damage can be extremely stressful. Your car is a huge investment and this is a big problem.

Whether you have a car that has been infiltrated or are concerned about purchasing water damaged cars, there are many different things that you should consider.

If you have car water damage in your car, you will need to tend to it quickly for best results. If your car is involved in a flood, it may very likely have been submerged. This can affect, not only the cosmetics of your vehicle, but the electronic system, as well.

Even if your car hasn't been submerged there could still be significant damage. If you drive through a flooded area or there is a way for water to enter the engine, this could also cause serious problems. Any large dents in the hood could also be an area for it to enter.

If you have been involved in a flood, first check all of your fluids. If they are an off color, have your vehicle towed to an auto mechanic. Don't drive it! You may cause permanent problems. They will empty the fluids and replace them properly for you.

If you have a newer car, the electrical system may also be involved. If you are in doubt... the dash lights on, running rough etc, tow it to a mechanic. They may need to replace the components.

Your brakes could also be involved. Have them inspected to make sure that they will perform properly. It is possible you may also need to replace them.

If the interior is involved, you will need to clean it well. You can use a wet vac to vacuum most of the water out. If it is soaked, you may find you need to redo the interior due to mold. It is too difficult to dry out the inner seats and many insurance companies will total a car that has interior water damage.

You will need to also check all of the lubricated joints. Most cars are now lubricated at the factory for life, but with flooding, they may have been compromised and will need to be re-lubricated.

If you are purchasing a used car, some states require owners to let the DMV know if it has been involved in a flood. You can also research the VIN number on your own to be sure there hasn't been any car water damage.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Find the Best Audio System

There is nothing quite like cruising around on a beautiful day with your music up and the windows down. Listening to music is even better when you have an awesome sound system. Finding the perfect speakers for you can be a challenge. It does take a lot of work if you are not already familiar with speaker brands and type. This is one product that you do not want to buy on impulse. Chances are that you will regret your decision and end up having speakers to return or resell. Gather some basic information about speakers before you make your purchase. It will make the entire process go a lot smoother.

Sometimes all you need is the right speaker to improve even the most general sound system. There are many terms that you have probably heard tossed around in regards to speaker systems. Do not make the assumption that you have to have every one of these components. If all you want is basic speakers, then you can likely find some in a decent price range in your local auto parts store. It is often best to stay away from the cheapest ones. Find a happy medium if you can and always read the details on the box first.

Many people want a bass booming sound that will quickly turn heads as you drive by. That is rather easy to obtain. A sub woofer is used, often along with an amplifier to increase the output of sound. The difference is noticeable right away when compared to speakers without a sub woofer. Two ten inch sub woofers is often best for someone that is seeking adequate sound without something that is over the top or competition level. Sub woofers do require a substantial amount of power though since they have to move a lot of air to produce the best sound.

When you select car speakers, you certainly want to pay close attention to the brand. Choosing a brand that is known for electronics and speaker components is best. It is easy to get sucked into buying something generic or unheard of just because it is cheap in price. That often means it is also cheap in quality though and it is likely best left avoided. Stick with a brand that you know you can trust. Even if it is not top of the line, it needs to be something that you feel comfortable investing your time and money in.

If you want the biggest boom possible and price is not an issue to you, then there are many amazing competition level speakers and speaker components. They are often much higher in price but are often worth it in terms of quality and the clarity of the sound. Find a business that specializes in speaker sales. They will have staff that will be equipped to answer all of your questions and explain details to you. The right set of car speakers can take your vehicle to a whole new level of entertainment. Be sure to hold onto any receipts though, just in case.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Future Classic Cars

Items from the past have a way of affecting those that come in the future. We are all familiar with various cars from the past that are now considered to be classics. But is it possible to determine which cars of today will go on to become future classics? It really is anyone's opinion but there are things that can be considered in order to form those opinions. An internet search will show that many people are casting their votes for future classics. There are a few that certainly stand out among the rest but really, only time will tell.

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is among the lists of many automotive experts taking their picks on the future. The Corvette is not new to many. It has been around for many years, earning its status as a must have automobile. This model is outstanding with an impressive 7.0 liter engine that is loaded with power. With 505 horsepower there will be no stopping this beast from racing into the history books. Though it may not be the type of car suited for family, day to day use that is part of its appeal. There is a good chance this car will become a collectible model within decades.

Another great product by GM is the Pontiac Solstice. This little car is exceptionally sleek in appearance and fun to drive. It's also not bad when it comes to using for daily summer driving. It makes a great convertible too. It does tend to be the type of car that you either love or hate, but so far it is loved enough that it is destined for the classics.

Most people may be surprised to hear that the Smart car is on many lists for future classic. However, that was the thought many once had towards the Beetle as well. The Smart car was designed to be fuel efficient, which it certainly is. The funky little design makes the quirky body style appealing to many on a physical level. Though certainly not for everybody, it does have a practicality that has to be admired.

The Audi S5 is a great model that is perfect for family use as well as riding in style. Audi has made many great vehicles over the years and this one is not so different. It is nice to look at and possesses all of the latest safety features. It has an affordability that not many comparable cars can claim. Though it is a coupe, it provides the kind of luxury and casual style that many seek in a daily driver.

True classic car fans will be eager to see the Mustang Shelby GT 500 KR hit the history books. It is a tribute to the legendary Carroll Shelby. With 540 horsepower, this car isn't fooling around. Mustang is one of the best known auto names in the world. It's likely this car could see classic status. Classics of the future are yet to be determined but regardless, they will be outstanding.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How to Manage a Used Car Purchase

Whether to buy a new or used car can be a very hard decision as there are many factors to consider such as the price, your budget, your required specifications of the car and your personal taste.

Find good cheap cars
Searching for reliable cheap used cars can be a daunting process. But if you search using the internet then you will save yourself time and effort as now most of the car selling agents and auto auctions are listed online so you can get a lists of vehicles and sellers that you can deal with.

Narrow your choices
When choosing the best car then you need to know what your requirements are. Do you need it for your spouse to pickup kids from school? Or do you want it for couple of long trips a year? Or are you one of those who consider their car as a home? Each of these scenarios requires a different car so narrow your choices and do not base decisions just on price. After you decide to buy a particular model or two, start physically inspecting used cars.

How to get the real price for used cars?
Finding the real price for a used car is very easy using sources such as Kellys Blue Book. You will enter the make and model of your chosen car then you will be prompted to enter the mileage and the transmission then you will get your car price indicator.

Of course you should keep in mind that just because a vehicle is cheap doesn't mean that it is not a good car, and expensive cars do not necessarily mean that the car is in good condition. If you intend to buy a car and you found that the price is just below average then check the car registration and get a Carfax vehicle report.

If the seller cays something like "I just bought that car two months ago and I decided to sell it again" then this should trigger some alerts in your mind as there could be reasons why they are selling so soon. Maybe the vehicle has been in an accident, or maybe there are mechanical problems and the seller is trying to cut their losses. As always before buying a used car you should thoroughly inspect it. The best recommendation is to use a qualified mechanic. That way you will know exactly what you are buying and what it is worth.

Should I get a car and make it my next project
Taking a car and restore it to its original condition is not for everyone, although many people have a project car. But you must ask yourself if you have the skills and experience needed to do the job otherwise it could turn out to be an expensive exercise.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nolan Helmets Are the Best Choice

Are you considering a good Nolan helmet? If your answer is yes, then you must have realized that buying a helmet that actually works is not as easy as it may sound. You may like to consider many things prior making the right decision. After all, buying Nolan Helmets is not only about style but it is more about your safety as well!

Why the selection of right helmet is important?
All bike riders and others as well are quite aware of the fact that riding a bike is quite risky. Especially on difficult and uneven roads, riding a bike can be called safe. Nolan helmet users know the importance of safety for bike riders. How can you dampen a fabulous experience of owning a bike by choosing an ill-fitting and uncomfortable helmet? Hence, do extensive research and gather information to enjoy a long-lasting bike ride experience.

The best way to get the best motorcycle cycle is getting referral from friends and families. Make sure, the helmet you are going to choose is fit for professional bike riding as well. Nolan 103, Nolan n42, and Nolan n102 are few brands that can be trusted for ensuring a safe bike riding experience. These brands are manufactured after conducting so many testing to perfect the comfort level of helmets. In addition, the manufacturer offers a wide selection of solids and awesome graphics to choose so that users can get just a perfect safety gear. So, just have a look and choose the one fits you the best.

All varieties of Nolan helmets come with a safety seal that indicates that it is fit for use. The certification is provided by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). Check the DOT sticker at the back of helmet for more assurance. The sticker also indicates that the helmets are capable of averting risks at the time of accidents especially to any brain-related injury. So, choose well and get the best helmet for your safety.

Finding Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

For all motorcycle riders, this is a very welcome time of the year. The weather is turning mild, the mercury is rising, and the itch to get on your bike and ride is intensifying. Whether you are a motorcycle hobbyist, or obsessed with riding, once you have experienced the speed, thrill, and freedom of the road, there is nothing quite like it.

Most riders realize the importance of taking care of their bikes-making sure they keep up with simple maintenance issues, and knowing where to go for parts and services. When looking for motorcycle parts, know what you need-it's not just an issue of what looks cool, necessity should be the most important consideration when searching for parts.

If you don't have replacements parts or accessories for your bike accessible at your local parts store, there is nothing worse than having to put your bike up for a week or so. Spend some time and do some research-talk to your local store, gather information online-find out if there are any common parts problems with the model of your motorcycle. If something goes wrong with your bike, having good access to parts will help keep your bike on the road and out of the garage.

There are many good motorcycle parts dealers that have catalogs online, making parts and accessories easier to find and order. Most dealers have a huge selection, and you should be able to find anything you need. With large inventories, online retailers are very rarely out of stock on products. Convenience is also a major factor that makes shopping online for your motorcycle needs an excellent way to get exactly what you want, and usually at a very good price.

If you are uneasy about ordering something online, give the dealer a call-most are motorcycle enthusiasts just like you, and have a lot of knowledge and experience that they are happy to share. The bottom line is-keep your bike healthy, and know your best options when you need parts or accessories.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Porsche Trip to Beetle Land

The first thing that comes to mind when one hears the name Porsche is usually sleek, fast beautiful cars. And the reality is not that far off the mark. The company is owned by the Porsche and Piech families and has been a solid solvent company since it was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche.

Porsche has been a financially stable and independent company, seeming never to suffer hard times even when most car manufacturers appeared at the brink of financial ruin. It has been able to maintain its headquarters and manufacturing facilities within Germany, even when most other automakers were heading overseas and to Eastern Europe to cut production costs. It has been so successful in fact, that it is able to offer consulting services to other automakers. Audi, Studebaker, Daewoo and Subaru have all come to ask the advice of Porsche in some capacity or another.

Of course, everyone is aware of Porsche's involvement in European auto racing. It leads there as well with on Ferrari as its main competition. Porsche and Ferrari appeal to vastly different tastes when it comes to production vehicles. However, it is Porsche that outperforms Ferrari here as well. While it is true that Ferrari gets more money per car it sells, Porsche sells many more cars and thus is able to keep the lead here off the racetrack as well as on it.

Off the race track, Porsche works actively to stay ahead of well known rivals such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, whose Z4 competes directly with the Porsche Boxter, and other high profile names such as Lotus, Jaguar, Maserati and Corvette.

Porsche owns a majority of Volkswagen and takes a very active interest in the day-to-day activities of the Volkswagen operation. During World War 2, just as in much of the world, Volkswagen and Porsche turned from civilian car production to military grade production. Both arms and military vehicles were produced at its plants in Germany. Porsche, in particular, was actively engaged in design heavy-duty tanks during the war.

If the company has experienced any difficult times, those came immediately after World War 2. The Allied Powers were hard on Germany and Porsche was not spared from this. The founder of the company, Ferdinand Porsche was eventually arrested for war crimes against the world and while he was never tried for this, he did end up serving a 20-month sentence just the same. Ferdinand's son Ferry Porsche would be responsible for guiding Porsche through these difficult times until his father was released in 1947. While his father was imprisoned, Ferry was busy designing a car of his own.

These designs were the foundation for what would eventually become known as the Porsche 356. Because parts were very difficult to come by in the years immediately following World War 2, the 356 shared parts heavily with some of its Volkswagen relations, primarily the Beetles engine, gearbox and suspension. As Germany's sanctions were eased by the Allied powers, parts were more readily available and soon the Porsche was again made with 100% Porsche manufactured parts.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tips on Choosing a Vehicle LCD Monitor

As implied by its name, Vehicle LCD Monitor adopts LCD as its display. Comparing with the traditional CRT vehicle monitors, Vehicle LCD Monitors has obvious technological advantages. As the price of LCD decreased in 2008, currently, Vehicle LCD Monitors has completely taken the place of the traditional CRT vehicle monitors.

Vehicle LCD Monitor has the following distinguished features: small volume, light, totally flat, low consumption, no glittering and no distortion. Before choosing a Vehicle LCD Monitor, we have to take a look at the basic parameters.

1. Dot pitch
Dot pitch refers to the distance between the two neighboring pixel point on the display. If the screen size if set, the display with a smaller dot pitch presents a clearer and fine image. The data of dot pitch stems from the visible area dividing the resolution. For the general LCD, a dot pitch of 0.279mm can present a fine and delicate image. As for the Vehicle LCD Monitors, which usually adopts CF Card Player or Vehicle Hard Disk Player, the dot pitch can totally meet the requirement, thus, this parameter can be ignored when it comes to Vehicle LCD Monitors.

2. Resolution
Resolution is one of the most important purchasing parameters of Vehicle LCD Monitors. The higher of the resolution is, the better of the image will be. Since Vehicle LCD Monitors are usually of small size, it is a decent LCD if the resolution can reach 720×480.

3. Brightness
The maximum brightness of Vehicle LCD Monitor is generally determined by the backlight. Currently, the brightness of the LCD ranges between 250~500cd/m2. The higher of the brightness is , the image will be more beautiful, however, the price will also be higher. Usually, the display with a brightness lower than 250cd/m2 is not worth considering.

4. Contrast ratio
The contrast ratio is also of much importance towards Vehicle LCD Display. The higher it is, the image will be more saturated, and more stereo. On the contrary, the lower it is, the color will be poorer and dull. Usually, the proper contrast ratio is above 200:1, and a higher one is approximately 400:1. If it is lower than 150:1, you should not choose it.

5. Viewing angle
Viewing angle refers to the maximum angle from which people' eyes can see the display. The lager, the better. If the viewing angle is small, there will be distortion on the image if the user's eyesight deviated a little from the screen, even can't see the image. The ideal viewing angle of the Vehicle LCD Monitor is above 120 degree (Horizontal) and the vertical downwards viewing angle is above 70°. Considering its cost, LCD is usually designed with a upwards viewing angel of 75° and a downwards viewing angle of 55°. If we do not give it technical process, this kind of display will wasted its upwards viewing angle and at the same time, the downwards viewing angle can't meet the need. Therefore, the Vehicle LCD Monitor should keep its display upside down to meet the requirement in the vehicle surroundings.

6. Response time
This parameter is important, on account of the fact that it determines if there will be tail phenomena. Response time refers to the time the LCD needs to switch from brightness to darkness or vice versa. Generally speaking, the shorter the response time is ,the better. If the response time is short, people won't encounter blur or lingering traces when they are looking at the moving pictures. According to the response time of the eyes, there will be sluggish moving pictures if the response time is over 100 milliseconds. At present, the standard response time ranges between 50-80 milliseconds, and some high-grade LCD's response time ranges between 25-30 milliseconds. There won't be tailing phenomena if the response time is at 80 milliseconds. What is worth noticing is that response time includes ascending time and descending time, while some manufactures only imply ascending time or descending time, which may misleads our consumers.

7. Color
The expressiveness of the color is the most important parameter when choosing Vehicle LCD Monitors. As we all know, any color of the nature is constituted of three basic colors, namely, red, green and blue. Each independent pixel color of the LCD is controlled by the three basic colors. Most of the LCD's basic color reaches 6 digits, that is 64 types of performance indicators, then each independent pixel has 64×64×64=262144 kinds of colors. A majority of the LCD has only 262,144 colors, even the high-grade ones. The 32 digits(16,777,216) labeled by the manufacturers stems from interpolation or dithering algorithm, which is far poorer than the real 32 digits. The display can present a good color if it reaches 26M.

The above mentioned are some important parameters when choosing a LCD, and definitely, there are some other parameters and methods to monitor the quality of the display. Nevertheless, you will get a satisfying LCD product if you keep the above 7 key parameters in mind.

Next, we will take a look at how to choose the Vehicle LCD Monitor

1. Size
Currently, three sizes are available for the coaches: 15", 17", 19", 26". The choice of the size should be the first step of choosing Vehicle LCD Monitor. If it's oversized, it will result in not only waste in investment, but the room as well, therefore, the choice of size is very important. Usually, the if the coach's length is less than 7 meters, it should be 15", and 17" or 19" for the coach of 7 meters to 10 meters, and for the coaches longer than 10 meters, it should choose 17" or 19". Some high-grade coaches may choose 26", and sleeper coach usually choose 15".

2. Installation
Long-distance coaches usually choose manual flip monitors, including forward-flip and backward-flip. High-grade coaches adopt motorized flip monitors, making the inside more luxurious. Bus advertisers should choose fixed installation, thus it can't be folded once it is installed, so that the monitor is always on.

3. Voltage
In general, gas engine vehicle is 12V, and diesel engine vehicle is 24V, and we should choose corresponding products. We do not necessarily have to choose so-called 12,24V interchangeable products, on account of the fact that it may result in many problems. Currently, the regular domestic and abroad Vehicle LCD Monitor manufactures all adopt 12V, 24 V separated design.

4. LCD
To get a brand new Vehicle LCD Monitor is the biggest wish of every client, however, there are lots of revamped second-hand Vehicle LCD Monitors of low price and definitely, the quality of the product can't be guaranteed. Here, I will give you some tips on distinguish whether the display is new or old:

At present, the mainstream size are: 15"(4:3), 17"(4:3), 19"(16:9). If you see other sizes with pretty low price, then you should be cautious.

In addition, we should observe the brightness. We should be alert if the brightness is too low or too high. The brightness of 15" ranges between 250-400, 250-500 for 17" and 300-550 for 19". It is second handed if the brightness is too low, and revamped one if the brightness is too high. It's nothing of a secret to install fluorescent tube on old displays.

Finally, we should take a look at the port. If the newly manufactured Vehicle LCD Monitor is simulated port, then you should not choose it, since LVDS digital port has been the mainstream port since three years ago.

5. Inverted Screen
Since downwards viewing angle is of much importance to the vehicle monitors, inverted screen technology is also important. You can switch on the monitor and make a contrast of the upwards and downwards, then you will know whether it is a good one or bad.

6. Explosion-proof
Since Vehicle LCD Monitors are used in public places, the protection of the LCD is of much importance, and choose the explosion-proof product is the first choice when purchasing the Vehicle LCD Monitors, especially in buses. In addition, you should try to choose HD products if possible, since it really presents fine images. Besides the credible first-class products, we after-sales service is another key element. You should not choose the assembled products, since it has congenital defects in there design, even though it promises a 3 months warranty.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

iPod Connection For Your BMW

So, you have a nice BMW. It's fast, handles great, and has a great sound system. It has everything you can ever need in a car. Well, almost everything. The only thing that is missing is that you have no way to connect your iPod to the factory BMW sound system. There are a few aftermarket adapters that can solve this problem.

The first aftermarket adapter is known as a wired FM modulator. A wired FM modulator connects you iPod through the FM tuner in your factory BMW radio. The wired FM modulator interrupts the factory FM antenna and sends the signal through the FM tuner. Since the modulator isolates the stock antenna away from the factory BMW radio, there is no drifting or interference from the powerful radio stations in your area. Even though this iPod adapter works great, is inexpensive, and is a good solution for your problem, there is a better option.

Another adapter, know as a BMW iPod Adapter, happens to be your best option. A BMW iPod Adapter connects to your factory BMW radio using the CD changer port on the back of the radio. This port allows for a high quality audio input as well as control of the iPod from your radio and steering wheel controls. Also, a BMW iPod Adapter has the provisions to charge your iPod.

A lot of people are weary about controlling the iPod from the factory BMW radio. The reason being is that once you connect your iPod, the adapter locks your iPod and only allows control from the factory BMW radio. If you have a lot of songs on your iPod it is almost impossible to get through all your songs using the seek up button on the factory BMW radio. The better BMW iPod Adapters have this issue solved. If you feel that it would be easier to get to the song you want using the click wheel on the iPod, all you need to do is push a button on the radio and it will unlock the iPod so you can use the click wheel to select your song.

It can be frustrating to have a great car like a BMW and have no way to listen to your favorite tunes because it has no connection for your iPod. Even though I recommend using a BMW iPod adapter, either of these adapters will allow you to listen to your favorite songs on your iPod in your BMW.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Speeding Offences

There are several different things that you can do to be fined and punished within the UK driving system. When it comes to automobiles and roadways, speeding offences are perhaps the most common type of offences that are out there. Therefore, before you begin to drive on the road ways, it is important to understand a little bit about speeding offences and what they mean.

First of all, it is important to understand speeding offences. Speeding offences take place when you have gone faster than the posted speed limit, and have been caught. You can be caught speeding in several different ways in the UK. It might be that a police man has seen you speeding, and has clocked your speed with speed gun. It might also be that two policemen have concurred that you were speeding. Another way to get speeding offences is if you were caught by a speed camera, by skid mark evidence, or by the speedometer of a police vehicle. These are the various ways that you might be caught for speeding offences.

When you have a speeding offence, depending on the severity of the offence and on how much faster than the posted speed limit you were traveling, there are several different ways that you might be able to resolve the speeding allegation. First of all, you can attend a speed awareness course, if the police deem that it is appropriate in your case. You might also accept a fixed penalty of points on your driving record, and a pound fine. Also, if your case is very severe, or if you dispute it, you might attend court in order to deal with your speeding offences.

There are several different penalties that you might get, depending on how fast you were going, and what the other circumstances might have been. The points on your record can be anywhere from 3 to 6 points, and the fines can be anywhere from 60 pounds to 2,500 pounds on the motorway, and 1,000 pounds on any other road.

It is important to know, as well, that there are going to be some other issues to think about. If you have been caught speeding a typical amount, you will only have to deal with the points and with the fines. However, there are some speeds and some various amounts that are going to end up being more costly to you, and in different ways. For instance, when a motorist is more than 50%, or 30mph over the speed limit, he or she might be hit with an immediate disqualification or driving ban. It is important to seek legal council in this type of situation, as an immediate disqualification can be frustrating and can be life changing.

When you are caught for speeding offences by the police, there are going to be several different outcomes that you are going to have to deal with. Most of the time, for less serious speeding offences, you are going to get an immediate fixed penalty notice, handed to you by the officer at the time of the offence. If you accept responsibility for the speeding, you'll be able to take the punishment and get it taken care of.

However, it all depends on the severity of the offence. There are many different types of speeding offences, and if you find that you are dealing with one or more of them, you might end up in another situation entirely.

For serious cases, such as more than 20 mph over the limit, you'll be receiving a summons which will mean that you will need to go to a court date. You might end up with anywhere from 3-6 points on your record, and a fine that might be much more substantial.

There are also procedures that will be followed if you have been caught speeding by a traffic camera. This is one of the most common ways to be caught speeding, as there are plenty of traffic cameras out there, and plenty of reasons that they might be catching you. If you have been caught speeding by a traffic camera, you'll receive a notification in the mail, which will tell you what the nature of your offence is, and how you should go about taking care of it. You'll still be responsible for paying the ticket, or for following the summons if you have indeed been summoned to appear. Getting speeding offences from a traffic camera can be just as harmful to you as getting notifications of offences from policemen, as it amounts to the same thing when it comes to your driving record.

It is important to remember that sometimes, you will end up with much greater problems than points on your record. Some people have jobs that require them to have a clean driving record, so if you end up with points on your record, you could end up losing your job. This means that speeding can be a major offence that can actually hurt you in many different ways.

The Best Car Models to Suit Your Needs

The car models you choose to buy define who you are to some extent because they are chosen specifically to meet your individual needs. For some people fuel efficiency is the most important factor and for others power takes precedence. Some people would be interested in both. High safety features are also essential but mostly for the family car. Looking for the right car can be very daunting, as there are endless options out there. To find a new car to suit your needs it's important to know what models are best for certain purposes. We give you a run-down of some of the best.

Day to day cars - take you to work and back home (five days out of seven)

What most people want for an everyday car model is something that is light on petrol, dependable and has a radio. Fiat has two exemplary examples in this class. The Palio is an attractive car in the same style as the French classics like Renault. It is projected that the fifth series will be launched in 2010 under a different name. The Palio has an average safety rating and enough space for day to day activities. The Fiat Panda is a similar car in a slightly boxier style.

Other car models you can consider in this range are the VW City Golf and Polo, Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2. The Polo is a solid and attractive car that comes at a nice price, and the City Golf is the cheapest in this range.

Weekend cars - the latest sports models are best left for weekend cruises because they are heavy on fuel and you'll want to keep them looking great

If you like your toys fast and attractive and you can afford a second car; you could opt for the weekend sports car. The BMW M6 is both a top of the range sports car and an opulent coupe. The Formula-one level speed and acceleration will set your pulse racing. If you're looking for a classy and sporty coupe/convertible, look no further than the Mercedes CLK and the Maserati, which is the model for serious weekenders who like to play hard.

Off road cars - for those who love to kick up dust and go camping

The Toyoto Fortuner is an elegant Sport Recreation Vehicle for both townies and country folk. Standard features include leather seats, power windows and a CD player. The Toureg is the off-road vehicle for Volks Wagen lovers. It is less obviously a four-wheel drive than the Fortuner is. The new Toureg boasts some revised technology that shortens braking distance on loose surfaces. Other excellent options for classy adventures are the BMW X6 and Porsche Cayenne.

All rounder - a car for all occasions, for the one-car household

The VW Tiguan is a sports utility vehicle meets family car and is perfect for a family with a more adventurous spirit. The Tiguan is certainly the best of both with advanced German engineering incorporating both on-road and off-road features. All engine options for this model come in four-wheel drive and the average ground clearance is a good 200 mm. The BMW X3 is another great all rounder, being perfect for off-road adventures or family holidays. This car model's versatility makes it a good long term investment.

Adding a Train Car Horn to Your Car

A car train horn is a device that is used to signal to other motorists that another car is oncoming. It is usually used to create awareness and put other road users on the alert. The type of sound produced by the horns varies, according to the vehicle owner's preference. Most vehicle's have horns. Horns are very important as they can help to prevent accidents.

As useful as train horns are, vehicle owners also use horns to accessorize their rides.These products can be installed at the front part of the cars. They can also be installed in the boot of the car due to the large amount of space they occupy. Again, they can be externally fitted onto the bonnet of the cars or even on top of the car. They make the car look more cool and flashy, if they are done right. Before externally fitting the horns onto one's car, it is important to first find out whether it is legal to do it in the region one plans to utilize their car.

Fitting a kit into your car may have other advantages besides making it look cool. This includes the fact that its loud sound will help to keep other drivers alert on the road, that is if doesn't scare them to pieces first. One of the countries that is renowned for using car horns excessively is India, where the drivers keep honking away all the time. Since it is their culture, they do not find it rude and say it helps to create attention to what's happening on the road, in case a driver has lost his concentration.

Another advantage of fitting a kit into your car is that it is quite useful at night. Since visibility is usually greatly reduced at night, it might become difficult for other road users to spot an oncoming car. A loud honk will let them be aware of oncoming danger. Especially when you are passing through a vast territory, where there is so much empty land. A normal car honk may not be that loud or clear or over a great distance to avert danger.

Due to the road hazard that the may cause, some local authorities do not allow car owners to fit car train horns. Again, some localities have quite zones. Using your train horn while in such a zone might lead to charges being preferred against an you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hydrogen Car Conversion

Hydrogen automobiles are already paving their way in the market nowadays, and soon almost everyone can actually purchase one. But for others, buying a hydrogen car is something that they can't afford at the moment. They may have been used in driving their old cars that are more reasonable to them than changing it to a new one. But the thought of using hydrogen to fuel their car is something they will generally consider.

What is Hydrogen Conversion? This is a much cheaper alternative than buying a new hydrogen automobile. A lot of people today are starting to adapt a more environment friendly system to power their own cars. And by converting your gasoline engine vehicle to function with hydrogen is a good start. Hydrogen conversion fundamentally means substituting gasoline in to hydrogen to power the engine of your vehicle.

What are the Benefits?

  • Save with your gasoline expenses.
  • You can get more mileage in running your vehicle with hydrogen.
  • The performance of your car will greatly increase.
  • Your car will produce lesser or no pollution that can be harmful to our environment.
  • You can generally prevent your vehicle in releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.
  • Hydrogen car conversion is readily available in the market.
  • There will be no alteration in your car's engine in hydrogen car conversion.
  • You can easily go back to your gasoline powered engine anytime you like

How to get a hydrogen Car Conversion?
Presently the conversion is available in kits that are distributed by different companies. They will also guide and provide you with some useful information about hydrogen fuel conversion. They can install the hydrogen conversion in your car, and you can easily use it as soon as they finished their work.
How much will it cost to convert your car into a hydrogen-powered vehicle?

This system is a bit expensive. The price may range from $700 to $2,500 US dollars per hydrogen conversion kit. But if you calculate the differences in using a hydrogen powered car to a normal gasoline engine, you will see that you can eventually save more in the future. Hydrogen car conversion can essentially lower your gasoline expense by 50% and will be very helpful especially with the rapid increase in the price of gasoline.

Why do you have to have a hydrogen car conversion?
Normally, you may ask yourself "why do I need to use this alternative method to power my car?" You may have not notice it yet but our planet already needs to be saved. Every year tons and tons of carbon dioxide are being emitted to our atmosphere with the use of gasoline. This in fact is the ultimate reason for our irregular climate changes, and significantly results in global warming that can be devastating to us.

Tips of Maintaining a Car

It is a dream of moist people to own particular classic car that has a brilliant design and artistry for a long time. However, only few people remember to give the car a sense of touch to ensure it is well maintained. This is because of lack of experience and tips on how to maintain cars. Many car owners depend on target groups to maintain their brilliant and admirable brand identity. Developers and designers continue generating new models that usually represent changing eras as well as the vision of a high tech future without veering to the old models.

However, many details and tips are easy to adhere to and aid in maintaining a car to its standards. At times, the gas gauge in the car may not be working properly; this may be due to a faulty sending unit meant for the fuel tank. To avoid complete breakdown, it should be replaced immediately it is spoilt. The replacement of the fuel tank sending unit is easy since its location is accessible. Towing of the car that involves drawing or pulling behind a line, bar, chain or any other coupling is also very vital. This prevents cars from experiencing engine problems like failing to start.

The engine is the most essential part of the car and for it to perform effectively it must be tuned and have its spark plugs changed. This improves fuel economy performance. In case there is one misfiring spark plug; it can reduce fuel economy up to 5% according to the EPA. Just as engines require adequate attention, brakes also call for extra attention. They should be well maintained to avoid unwanted drag. The warning light reminding one of "Checking the engine" as well as "Servicing the engine" should not be ignored. This is because it may result to poor performance of fuel economy and involve expensive repairs.

Car owners should be very careful when replacing worn tires from their cars; they should use the best quality, style and size of tires recommended by manufacturers. This saves a lot of money since the tires are durable hence no need of changing them now and then. Stumpy rolling resistance of tire replacement should be highly considered to enhance performance of fuel economy. If tires are kept inflated according to the pressure recommended by manufacturer, it can enhance fuel economy up to 4%. Tires that are under inflated need more fill ups to roll.

A clean ride raises the owner's standard since it always looks brilliant when one is riding it no matter how new or old it is. However, a key to a flourishing car washing is done from top to the bottom hence one should wash one side at a go. One should look for a shady spot when washing and away from those trees with dropping leaves and dripping sap. It is very essential to store a car in a sealed and dust-free room with air that is dehumidified. In case one cannot afford to keep it in such as they prevent harsh winter weather. Overall car maintenance is vital to perk up its functioning and look.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Car Stereo Line Output Converter

Line output converter can be defined as a small device that converts high-voltage speaker-level signals to preamp-level signals; which is acceptable to an amp. If u want to connect an amp to your car stereo which doesn't have a speaker level inputs then it means you need a line output converter to have a preamp outputs. So you can connect your receiver to an amp by converting your receiver's speaker output into preamp-level signals. It consists of a transformer and (10 to 20 watts) a high-voltage resistor and connects to amp by using RCA patch cable. The amplifier in the head unit is being loaded by the resistor. It has also an adjustable gain feature to pull output.

Most of the line output converters have wire to ground the transformer. When the head unit is "on" the voltage on the output speaker wires, is almost half of the DC battery and changes rapidly when it is "on". Whereas, when the unit is "off", the voltage is 0 volt DC. As we already said, that the head unit's outputs has a large quick increase in DC voltage when the head unit is turned on. The transformer will provide the variation of voltage between the two input terminals. Since the DC voltage increases at the same time on both the input terminals, then the rhythm of the DC is irrecoverable. There are different types of Line Output Converters available in the market but Gizmo Peripheral is remained the industry leader in high quality LOC's.

There are simple Instructions for the line output converters which need to take in consideration. So connect the audio cable speaker's leads to the device from the car stereo. The line output converter then trims down all the inwards bound speakers' level audio signals until the outgoing signals get adjusted to the preamp inputs on the amplifier. An adaptor scosche performs many different applications. It accepts speaker level outputs and converts them to preamp level outputs. It has a fader control feature also that means; we can hook 2 channel amplifier or 4 channel amplifier easily and can not lose any fader control.

Adjustable line output converters helps to convert the radio speaker level output to the lower amplifier RCA level input. Installers use to convert their speaker level stereo to RCA levels with the help of Hi/low adaptors which hooks to an external car stereo amplifier. Hi/low converter with 2 channels and 4 channels are also available with or without adjustments. It is important to note that the match between your car stereo and amplifiers are the same. Adjustable hi/low converters allow to fine tune the hi/low device to match levels in the car and are the most popular in adjustable output converters. There are many adjustable output converters in 2 channels and 4 channels available. For example, Soundgate "LOC A" adjustable high performance Hi/Low adaptor features full DC isolation and handles 40 watts and Soungate "XR4", this performs dual functions such as to add an aftermarket receiver to a factory amplifier system or to add four channel amplifiers to a factory receiver. This feature can make adjustments on all four channels.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Vital Motocross Parts For Your Dirt Bike

Motocross riding is one of the most high intensity extreme sports in the world. It involves all-terrain outdoor riding, basically which means that all kinds of courses, whether rocky, or muddy is used for most motocross events. The races are obviously held in enclosed circuits but always in public places around the world. It involves speed and a high amount of bike control during race performance.

Therefore it is absolutely essential that the bikes be in top shape and are built using the best motocross parts that are available in the aftermarket industry. A faulty dirt bike could spell disaster for a racer going high speeds on the outdoor course.

In the aftermarket industry, parts of motocross bikes fall under highly specialized motorcycle categories. That is to say, bikes from different manufacturers will have different manufactured parts and in this highly specialized sport, there can be no compromise. So, a Yamaha bike will have differently structured parts available as compared to a Kawasaki bike for example.

One vital part for motocross, or for that matter, any kind of dirt bike is brakes pads. Well maintained and top of the order brakes are essential and can make or "brake" any riders finish. Jokes apart, to maintain brakes pads, parts like brake hardware, brake lines and brake rotors are things that a biker needs to look at before the race. Motors are another thing that needs close attention. Carburetors, clutch plates and engine valves on the 4-stroke are integral components of an engine that will brake without maintaining them.

Motocross Exhaust systems are essential for any bike and more so for high speed, all off road riding that entails to the motor. With header pipes and silencers being some of the main components, an exhaust system radically improves the look and sound of the bike to stay under 96 disables without loosing power to the motor. The silencer will need serviced on regular bases before the insulation burn out and cause the motor to over heat and raises the disables over the course limit.

Other major parts are suspension parts, tires, wheels, guards or braces, fuel systems, ignition etc. These are the departments that any rider needs to look at while maintaining a bike especially for motocross racing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Buying a DVD Player For Your Car

Buying and fitting a DVD player for your car may sound, at the outset, like a ludicrous idea. Sure, with a CD player installed you can enjoy music wherever you go, and if you put the radio on you can listen to the news or talk radio to your hearts' content. But that's just the point - listening does not distract you from watching the road. A DVD player? Well, that's something different altogether. But think about it a different way. Sometimes you have to sit in a non-moving car for a spell, when you are waiting to pick someone up or you are in a complete gridlock. Although in the latter you need to be ready to switch the DVD off once you get moving - and you probably should simply stick with the radio for the purposes of safety, there are reasons why a DVD player can be beneficial as in-car entertainment.

A better use of an in-car DVD player is to have it positioned behind the driver's seat where people - perhaps most usually children - can watch it in comfort, and often this will be a highly beneficial piece of equipment, as any parent can vouch for the fact that all too often children + back seat = fights. As long as the kids can agree on a cartoon or film to watch the DVD player can make the journey a whole lot less irritating for everyone. And of course it doesn't need to be just for kids. If there are grown ups in the back of the car they may well enjoy the trip a whole lot more if they have aeroplane-style entertainment. Hitched up to a TV tuner - though this will require an additional aerial on the car most of the time, it can even pick up television signals, which can mean that if your journey clashes with the playoffs, no-one needs to be in a mood come travelling time.

It does need to be stated, however, that it is a very bad idea to have a DVD player setup in the front of the car if you cannot trust yourself to keep it switched off at all times when the car is moving. In times when there are ever fewer things that you can legally do at the wheel, watching a TV screen is one thing that anyone can agree is hugely irresponsible while in control of a car. It is all but an invitation to crash the car.

The setup of a DVD player in your car does not need to be complicated. It is about as involved as a car stereo - i.e. perfectly simple or horribly complicated, depending on your tastes and opinions, but it can be the perfect answer to squalling kids in the back of the car, or conflicts of interest between needing to get somewhere fast and really wanting to see a game or a season finale. As long as they are handled responsibly, in car DVD players can be a decent addition.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tips on Car Exhaust

Deciding what type of exhaust you would like to purchase for your vehicle can take some time. It does help to know you have plenty of options though. Think about why you want to buy an exhaust. First, you may need to replace it because yours has a whole in it or it is rusted and falling apart.

Others change their exhaust system though because they want to upgrade it to something else. When you have a better exhaust system your vehicle may operate better for you. The performance you can get out of it is going to amaze you. If you wish your vehicle had more power and a better sound, this is the way to get it.

The third reason why people often buy an exhaust has to do with the physical appearance of it. They may find that a new exhaust system is going to offer them the finished look that they have been dying to own. You can buy single pieces for an exhaust or you can but an entire kit.

It is vital that you understand the role of the exhaust for your vehicle though. It is in place to keep harmful fumes and toxins from the inside of your vehicle. It is extremely unhealthy for them to reach you. This is why you need to do extensive research when you shop for an exhaust system. You want to be 100% confident it will work properly for your vehicle.

You can also turn to specialists that can help you get the specific information for your vehicle. They will take your own exhaust needs into consideration and then give you're the options. They can also help you to find what fits into the price range you have for your new exhaust.

Of course if you are going to spend the money to get something like this set up, it needs to offer you the benefits you want. It also needs to be extremely safe. If you have any questions about how your exhaust has to be set up, then you will find plenty of experts out there to assist you.

Motorcycle Touring

Some riders like to travel alone, and if you can cope with the solitude, this has many advantages. You decide the route, the duration of the tour and you get out of bed when you please, be it early or late. If you're heading down the motorway in France, see the sign for Spain and think 'I'll have some of that', there's no problem, you just do it. This once happened to me by the way; I ended up in Spain without really meaning to, and had a great time.

On the other side of the coin, it can be a problem when things go wrong. A breakdown is always a headache, but if you're alone it can prove very troublesome, especially if you have to leave your bike unattended. Another issue is illness; no one plans to be sick, but it can happen. Being sick is bad; being sick and alone in a foreign country is worse. Which brings us on to insurance; whether you are traveling alone or in a group, do the sensible thing, and make sure both you and your bike are covered.

Most people will be riding with a group, so there are a few things to consider at the planning stage. It is imperative that the route is decided before the start of the tour. Talk to each other and agree exactly where you are going, how many hours a day you will ride and how often you will stop. Do you have both fast and slow riders in your group? If you intend to stick together, you will need to reach a compromise, but don't try and make slow riders go faster; that's a sure fire recipe for trouble.

Do your homework and know exactly where you are going to end each day, and where you will be sleeping, whether it be in a city hotel or a campsite. If you are staying in a city hotel, it could be a wise move to select one that has private, secure parking. Even if nothing happens to your bike parked on the street, you could spend a sleepless night worrying about it. A well organized, group tour can be a memorable occasion, but skimp on the planning and it may all end in tears.

When riding in a group, it's your job to keep an eye on the bike in front of you, whilst occasionally checking the one behind. If you can, it's a good idea to have communication between the lead and last bike, that way, if anything happens, the trail bike can contact the lead rider immediately. However, it's important to keep a reasonable distance between bikes. Assuming that you're going to travel within the specified speed limits, there are going to be other road users who will want to overtake. If you're bunched up, an overtaking vehicle can cause serious problems if you have effectively created one elongated vehicle.

If you want to go on a motorcycle tour, can't find anyone to go with and don't fancy going it alone, an organised motorcycle tour with a reputable motorcycle tour company could be the answer. Gone are the worries of sourcing and booking accommodation, planning routes and finding places of interest. A good company will generally have a back up vehicle available to carry your luggage, along with other essentials such as water and first aid kit. They will meet you at a designated point; from there on, you hand over your luggage and enjoy the ride.

All the hotels will have been pre-booked and places of interest checked out. Of course, it costs a little extra to do it this way, but it's well worth it. You can so easily sail past an amazing place that lies a few short miles from the well worn path. A prime example of this is the Spanish Motorcycle Museum, which sits at the edge of the village of Hervas, a place no one would ever pass through to go anywhere. Many of the gems to be found on tour are off the beaten track, but hopefully, your tour operator will have researched the area and discovered them for you. The friendships forged on this type of tours can last a lifetime.

Audio Accessories For Your Car

Everyone likes a little bit of music at one time or another - for some of us it is as important as oxygen (or at least pretty close) while for some of us it is just something nice to have playing as we go about our daily business. If you really want big music playing wherever you drive, then you can spend a lot of money on getting a sound system installed that will conform to your needs. You may, however, not want to spend that much, and just put the money towards getting a few accessories to benefit your in-car enjoyment of music.

With the advent of the iPod the way that people listen to music has become greatly changed. It is not dissimilar to carrying a jukebox around with you wherever you go, allowing you to put over a thousand songs onto a piece of technology little bigger than a credit card. You can play whichever song you wish, whenever you wish, and have access to any track from hundreds with a few presses of a button. No more looking for the right CD case, finding that the CD is not in it, finally locating the CD and then skipping to the correct track. You can also set playlists for the ideal music selection for your purposes - so if you want some driving music, just select your driving playlist and go for it.

There are numerous in-car iPod docking stations which allow you to separate your iPod from its headphones and use the in car speaker system to play it a lot louder. Most of these systems will be compatible with any MP3 player and not just iPods, so it is worth looking out for ones that will work with your system - information like this is generally included in the sales data that accompanies the product on the website or on its packaging if you are shopping in store.

IPod technology is not the only piece of kit that you can install in your car for audio listening though - a digital radio system is also a worthwhile investment if you drive long distances and have a preferred radio station. All too often you will be driving and your preferred station will gradually tune out as you leave the area. With a digital system, it will constantly re-tune, and if your chosen station is compatible with the technology you will be able to listen to it anywhere you go.

There are so many in-car audio systems these days - from radios to iPod accessories, to hands-free cell phone attachments - that many people are plumping for the option of an external sound board that allows you to add multiple audio systems to your system without having to take apart the dashboard each time you want to fit a new one. Purchasing an External Media Controller makes a whole lot of sense for anyone who is technologically-minded or a music lover and who just wants to have everything where they can control it without compromising their ability to drive safely.