Monday, August 24, 2009

Dension Opens the Door to a World of New Media For BMW Vehicles

Dension has been working hard in recent months to increase the compatibility and functionality of the BMW kits in the Dension Range. The new kits are part of the Dension gateway range and offer increased performance over the older and now obsolete Ice>link Plus in many ways. Due to the complexity of the BMW vehicles and production and installation options when purchased from new, Dension have had to design numerous variations of the BMW kits.

The kits produced mainly differ in the different types of connection looms, as many head units (Stereos) have different physical compatibility. In addition to this, the software (Firmware) installed on the stereo also differs from unit to unit adding to the complexity of the Dension Gateway range.

Dension has produced two types of kit depending on which vehicle and stereo you have installed. Firstly an option of the Dension Gateway 100 or Gateway 300 for vehicles with normal wiring looms. Usually found in vehicles pre 2004/5. The Gateway 100 and 300 share the same vehicle and stereo compatibility so if one of the kits is compatible so too is the other. These kits offer a digital connection to the stereo through the CD Changer port, and provide full control of the iPod and track selection through the stereo and or steering wheel controls.

The 100 & 300 also offer track display on select stereos and charge all iPods including the new 5V charging iPods and iPhone 3g and 3gs. The Dension Gateway 300 also provides an additional USB input for a mass storage device to be connected, enabling you to store 10,000's additional tracks or if you forget you iPod you have a back up already connected and ready to use.

The Second option is the Gateway 500, Dension's Flagship in the range. The Gateway 500 is a fibre optic kit that extends the performance of the BMW's factory equipment tremendously. By connecting into the fibre optic system the gateway 500 provides a fully integrated iPod connection controllable through the iDrive system. However it's the optional Extra's that open up a new world of in car entertainment for BMW.

The BTA1500 bluetooth adapter connects into the system to provide a hands free Bluetooth system allowing your phone to connect through the vehicle, and more importantly Dension have created a multi-source media selection device caller the AVR. The Dension AVR designed recently enables you to make full use of all the devices connected through the Gateway 500 system. Controlling multiple devices and choosing which device plays where in the vehicle, you have the iPod playing in the front while the kids are watching their favourite DVD in the Back.

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