Monday, August 24, 2009

Playing Your iPhone Music Through Car Speakers

Millions of people around the world love their iPhones for it's phone abilities, the ability to browse the web, and also it's iPod features as well. Set up correctly, it can be a great addition to your car for both daily commutes and longer road trips. The first problem is connecting your phone to the speakers in your car.

Some car stereos have a plug specifically for an iPod or a place to plug in an auxiliary source of sound. If yours doesn't have this, you can look into a device that broadcasts your music on the radio so that your car stereo can receive and play it. Still another option is a cassette adapter if your car still has one of these.

You can often use Internet streaming radio stations such as Pandora to have an unlimited supply of music for an extended trip.

Other passengers in the car can even watch a movie on the iPhone with the sound coming from the car speakers but the driver should be careful to not get distracted and to keep their eyes on the road! Once you connect your phone to your car, a whole new world of possibilities open up.

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