Monday, August 24, 2009

Car Alarm Systems Guide

There are a variety of car alarm systems you can choose from to protect your car from being broken in to or stolen. Car alarms are electronic devices setup in or to your car to keep it protected. Some car alarms are built into car when they leave the factory others have to be put in. Many are reasonably priced and do indeed work. They are available at stores such as Best Buy as well as auto shops.

A great car alarm system to have is a kill switch. A kill switch is actually a small switch that you hide somewhere in your car that when you flip it on doesn't allow gas to get to the car making it inoperable to a thief.

A lojack car alarm is great because they give police the best chance of finding your car should it ever be stolen. A lojack is a silent radio transceiver that is hidden in your car that can tell where your car is. The lojack is installed by a lojack technician and once it is installed the unit is linked directly to the lojack database which is connected with the national crime information computer. Should your car ever be stolen you just report it to the police who then go into there computer system and type in your specific number which enables the lojack to send the police the location of your car. Lojack claims to have a 90% recovery rate on stolen vehicles.

An alarm with a remote starter is great because it lets you know whenever your car has been tampered with. The alarm will sound from inside the car as well as on the remote you hold with your car keys.

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