Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to Replace Spark Plug Wires

Replacing the spark plug wires on your automobile can be quite beneficial to the operation of your vehicle. Replacing the wires can be quite simple if you know the correct steps to follow.

Trying to perform this task with a hot motor can lead to burns or other serious injuries. Locate your first spark plug wire, which should be attached to your motor. Most spark plug wires are either red, blue, orange, or black. The number of sparks plug wires that your automobile contains usually transcribes with how many cylinders your engine has. For example, a 6-cylinder vehicle has 6 spark plug wires. Pull on the end of the wire, which is called the boot, until it comes off.

Proceed to replace the old wire with a new one of the same length. You will be able to hear when the new wire attaches and is securely in place. It is important to make sure you are replacing each old wire with a new one of the same length. Each spark plug wire has a designated length.

Remember: If bad spark plugs are present, your car may not start, run badly, misfire on occasion, or even burn more fuel than necessary. Follow these steps to keep spark plugs in good working condition.

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